Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Weekend Re-cap

Yeah Yeah so its Wednesday I know the weekend was a loooonnggg time ago but I'm just recovering from my weekend with the hubs. We drove up to Niagara on Friday then to Toronto on Sat then from Toronto to NJ on Sunday. Monday we lazed around the house and got some shamrock shakes to celebrate our St. Patty's Anniversary. I also went out to Whole Foods and we did the whole Fillet Minion, Mashed Potatoes and Asparagus root we ended the meal with vanilla ice cream topped with ice wine. It was soooooo good!
So Niagara was awesome we stayed at The Brock Hotel, when we got in the room was not quite what I had thought I booked so the hubs called management and asked how much for an upgrade they said oh we see its your anniversary we can upgrade you to our jacuzzi suite free of charge! So we got a Jacuzzi suite that looked over Niagara Falls! It was gorgeous!
this was our view!

Sat we drove up to Toronto and stayed at a much ghettoer hotel Bond Place, Toronto wasn't about the hotel though so we let it be, it was all about the hockey. We went to the Hockey Hall of Fame and Schmoop was soooo happy! Seriously it was like insight to how he probably looked at age 7 on Christmas morning.
I was snapping pictures and he wasn't able to even focus he was looking at the next thing; made me sooo happy cause that was his anniversary gift! We even got pictures with the Stanley Cup.

It was a great weekend but what struck me is that we had long car rides, like really long and it was fun. Here me and the hubs were forced into my little Escort for 8-9 hours at a time and we liked it. Not that it surprised me but it just made me thankful that I did marry my best friend and that we can do anything together and make it fun.
So anyway reflections on my first year of marriage.
I'm really happy I made the choice that I did March 17, 2007. Schmoop is the best person I know; kind hearted, considerate, loving, gentle, humble, fun, funny, ect (I could definitely go on). I'm really happy that God chose to place us together because he truly is the answer to my prayers and dreams. I know life is going to have its ups and downs but now I also know I'll be facing the peaks and valleys with my best friend in the whole world supporting me and me supporting him. Thats all I really need.

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