Thursday, March 20, 2008

Question for the Mommies-Fancy Restaurants

So while we were away we went to a fancy restaurant in our hotel that was one floor up from us and had the same amazing view of Niagara Falls. We scored a table right by the windows and ordered some wine and just sat there talking and enjoying our time together. They brought us our meals and we were having a great time when we start to hear some weird noise. It was the musak that they normally play at restaurants but it was also the soundtrack to Cars. We look around and behind schmoop there is a little boy with a portable dvd player that was currently playing Cars for the restaurant to here. You can see a blurry pic of him here notice I'm trying to be stealthy and pretend I'm taking a picture of Schmoop.

Now this was a nice restaurant, we got dressed up and went to celebrate our anniversary. Part of the reason you go to places like that is the ambiance, and this dvd was definitely jacking up our ambiance. Now growing up as a kid going out to dinner was a treat, especially a really nice place. I can count on one hand the amount of times we went our any place other than Friendly's. On those rare times we knew better than to act up or at least we acted up quietly. When my parents had date nights they went without the kids and we stayed home and did kid friendly activities like beat the crap out of each other. I asked the waiter at the restaurant if it was common for people to bring dvd players out to dinner with them and he astounded me by saying yes and kind of laughingly asking us if we had kids. He said it was a great tool to keep kids quiet and have a good time. I can kind of see why you would do this if you were away from home; its hard to find a babysitter, you want some adult time, etc. What I don't understand is if you are going to do this wouldn't you get earphoneas. Generally I try not to be the type that says "My child would never do" ...., "or I would never do" ... cause you are basically screwing yourself there and its like a big guarantee that your going to do the same thing.

So Moms:
Would you do this?
Is it "normal" to take a kid with a dvd player to a restaurant a fancy restaurant even?

7 comments: said...

Absolutely not. I have been to many fancy restaurants with my cousins who are 6 and 12 well. Even when they were older. My aunt always brought them toys but they always were quiet toys. To entertain them and keep them occupied. I also have to say my perspective on the whole subject has changed since I had my munchkin. I would have thought it was rude to even have a kid in a fancy restaurant in the first place. (-: But now I know why. Life changes. (-: You still want to have a life and have a kid. (-: So they just come with. (-:

Andrea said...

You know, I totally understand where you're coming from. When Chris and I go out for dinner, especially if it's a nice place where we want to be smoochy, and we're paying quite a bit of cash to do so, I certainly don't want some kid screwing with my ambiance or evening. I think "finer" restaurants should have an age limit, like your kids have to be at least like 10 yrs old, or have a special "families" section so the couples can dine in peace. I don't think bringing a DVD player to dinner is the worst thing (running around the restaurant is) but I definitely agree with the earphones! I think parents have a right to bring their kids to whatever restaurant they choose, but they should keep in mind that the other people there have rights, too - like the right to a nice, quiet, romantic meal. Hope you had a nice time anyway!

Jaime said...

I think it is sad that children lack the ability to entertain themselves. Remember when we were kids and we rode in cars without TVs and DVD players? LOL

Anna said...

No, his auntie Kristi would bringhim the gameboy though :)
Seriously, we've never brought the dvd to any restaurants, we do use it in the can for trips and even then we use headphones alot! We don't usually take kids to nice places overlooking the falls.....but we do usually bring toys. If they don't have a kids menu kids....we'll pick another joint!

Michelle Smiles said...

That is horrible behavior - on the part of the parents. Completely obnoxious. You either take your child and make it clear he is expected to behave, get a babysitter, or you go to a kid friendly place. We usually do the last - we know we have a child and that despite her usually good behavior she sometimes can disturb others so we don't go to really nice restaurants right now. If the place doesn't seem like the type to offer high chairs, we go somewhere else so we don't bother others.

mama k said...

It may be common, but it's definitely rude. I agree w/ that when you have a kid you realize that sometimes they just come with you. That's fine if you can keep them quietly occupied.
As you know, quiet is not a word used to describe my lil man, so we leave him w/ a sitter or take him to a child friendly place. If I'm going to be dropping a lot of $$$ on dinner, I want to enjoy it quietly too!

Not that it's an exucuse, but I'm sure stuff like this is more common in vacation areas like you were at.

Mary said...

Not a chance! Whenever I took my son to any kind of "adult" place he was required to act appropriately. I did not allow toys to keep him "distracted" - the whole point of going out with the grown ups was to learn appropriate behavior. There are many, many places to eat that offer an environment where a kid can be a kid, and that is where that couple should have gone.