Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Stop Budget Time

So Schmoop and I have been reviewing our finances and have come to the conclusion that we are spending too much. We had a plan to pay off our second mortgage before we had kids and at this rate we're not having kids for like 10 years, so changes had to be made. There are alot of spaghetti, beans and lentils in my future and not so much jumbo lump crab cake. We did splurge on a Sunday Paper subscription, I plan on couponing ourselve towards financial freedom and savings. Too bad they don't usually do coupons on flour, butter, sugar, eggs, etc; since we've been doing the bake by scratch stuff. I have noticed that I've been able to scrimp on our grocery budget to fit in our organic produce so I'm pretty confident that with a little more ingenuity we can make this work.

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mama k said...

Something interesting I read somewhere is to to write down all the meals you make for a week and then you have a menu plan ready to go. I think that helps to show you what you are actually eating for meals so you can cut out the extra snacky stuff. Also, bringing a calculator with me to the grocery store so that I can keep a running total and only spend the cash I have budgeted.
LMK how the coupon thing works out. I haven't had much success getting coupons for the foods we eat. (Except organic dairy. Organic Valley's site lets you print out coupons and I also wrote them to send me coupons in the mail for milk and cheese.)