Sunday, March 09, 2008

Things I learned whilst hosting a party

So last night Schmoop and I hosted Mama K's hubby's 30th birthday party. There were quite a few things I learned by the end of the night.
1.) Shirley Temples are better with vodka
2.) Shirley Temples with vodka are alcoholic drinks. Go figure.
3.) If someone comes in your house and without introducing herself starts doing dishes, its probably not as good as you think.
4.) I am wayyyy anal retentive about my dish towels. They are only to be used for drying dishes in my mind apparently to other people they are great to wipe up spaghetti sauce or use as a oven mitt.
5.) You shouldn't break out your stonewear when there is a crazy girl doing your dishes cause she'll probably wash it with soap then tell you to fix it by putting it on the stovetop and heating it with oil and because of your impared judgement due to your shirley temple intake you probably will listen and it will crack really loud and then you'll have to buy a new one and then you'll remember how long it took for your stonewear to get seasoned just right and it will be sad.
6.) You love making birthday cakes. Especially ones with little car cupcakes and for one of your favorite people. It helps if the people are older than you and you can make fun of their age.
7.) Its fun to have a house full of people, especially a big crowd of noisy italians. Nothing makes a house a home better than filling it with people.
8.) Surprise parties are fun when the people actually are surprised.
9.) Its nice to wake up to a clean house after a party.
10. ) Parties are a great way to talk the hubs into home improvement as this one got me the removal of gross kitchen wallpaper, a fresh coat of paint and a new stove. I want to have a party next month and the next and the next and the next...

That is all :)


mama k said...

you got a lot of home repair out of that party. LOL And that chick was CRAZY!

Tracers said...

It sounds like a big success (sort of) ;-). Yes, when you have a party it forces you to spruce up your house.