Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Newness of new

Soo I updated my blog a little so if you're reading through blog-lines click through and check it. Its our one year anniversary this month (on St. Patty's Day!!!) the best freaking anniversary ever!! So thats new.
The other thing.... thats new.... are you filled with suspense yet.....
We took down the freaking hideous wallpaper in our kitchen!!
By we, I mean Jason. We are very aware of our strengths and weaknesses and my weaknesses are basically anything with fine details (can you say ADD). So Jase usually steps up in areas like painting and ripping down wallpaper cause I would get paint all over the floor and when I rip down wallpaper I tend to take the wall with it. So the wonderful hubs took the NASTY wallpaper down and we're getting ready to paint it a color called funky yellow :) Its all primed, spackled and primed; all we need is to pick up the paint and go to town.
We're also getting a new oven, a convection oven and I'm way more excited about this than any person should be. There is going to be alot of bread going on in there.
Hope you all had a good weekend :)
Whatcha do, lemme know

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OOOH, be sure to take a picture!!