Monday, March 10, 2008

Clean and Green

So I got this email from my sister in law and thought I would share. Its good to know that when you are changing your lifestyle to become more and more green your family will support you in your changes and maybe you can even drag a few with you... :)
"By the way, it seems that you and I are apparently
tied in the turning-into-real-nutcase race. i
currently have 4 things sprouting on my counter,
chickens squeezing out an ever increasing number of
eggs (despite the hawk massacre of '08), a kefir
obsession, about a million seeds to start indoors for
the garden, and I just ate a brick of sprouted wheat
berry bread that contained only wheat berries. I made
it in the crock pot and I'm pretty sure I could have
seriously hurt someone with it if I tried. But I'm
not in a coop or making birthing mothers smell things
in baggies yet, so you are technically ahead. "

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