Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Raw Food Detox Diet Update

So this week we've been doing the raw food detox diet and I have noticed that the juice gives you alot more energy in the morning, so I think I definitely will continue with that. Some of the salad dressings are amazing too, albeit a little stinky with the raw garlic. It definitely cleans a girl out though, the other thing, which I'm not sure if its related to this or not. I fell asleep at 8:30 last night and slept through till 6 am today. Granted the night before I got a really crappy night of sleep but still that is unusual for me to sleep so long! I wonder if the detox diet is kind of kicking my body into doing what it needs to do. Schmoop and I also went on a nice walk after work and I'm starting to realize just how out of shape I am, so we are going to try to do this much more often than we do. Maybe before we eat dinner. Usually I'm starving by the time he gets home cause I get home two hours before him and I'm prepping dinner the whole time. I'm going to try to snack more when I get home like have a piece of toast or something thats more filling so I'm not soooo hungry when he walks in the door.
Anyway, I like how we are eating alot more fruits and veggies. I also like that all the calories and fat we are intaking are the good kind. Without any high fructose corn syrup or anything clogging us up.

By the way there is a link on the sidebar to Mama K's store Non-Toxic Tots.

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mama k said...

thanks for the linky love!

I agree, the juicing does give a nice energy boost in the morning. I almost don't miss my coffee most days anymore. Well sometimes I still drink it but it's more a treat than a neccesity.
It's a bit more work though. And I am still trying to figure out how much produce to buy. I run out of some stuff really fast and then I have some things left over. hmm...