Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday Smack Down

So to those of you who are regular readers of my blog or know me in real life its no surprise that I struggle with my weight. Currently I am rather overweight but I'm working towards becoming healthier. Its hard to admit that as blatant as it is, because I have fought this weight thing and won before only to pack on the pounds again. Its also a bit disappointing to me looking back over the past few years and notice the weight fluctuations. I joined weight watchers again in December of this year, as this is the program that has worked for me before and that I can follow. I noticed when taking stock of failed attempts and gains that they happened when I wasn't accountable to anyone, so I've resolved to attend the meetings until I lose all my extra weight and to keep attending as a skinny me.
Schmoop has been wonderful in this and always asks how he can help me and what he can do. I simply told him that the best thing he can do is MAKE ME GO TO MEETINGS, complimenting when he sees improvement is always a help too. He is not my babysitter and doesn't need to monitor my intake or "remind" me that I'm on weight watchers, this is my job to get healthy, not his. For the record, he has never tried to do that and is wonderfully supportive just saying what is not a help for those wondering.
So I decided last night that a regular Friday feature on my blog is the Friday Smack Down. Thursday is my weight watchers meeting and the moment of truth with my little friend, the scale. So Friday is the perfect way to update you on the weeks progress and maybe show some pics.
So this week I lost 2.4, yes even with the Superbowl Bacon Fiasco '08 I still lost 2.4!!! I'm pretty happy about this and my total amount lost so far is 14.6lbs. Woot woot!


mama k said...

Congrats! You are doing awesome.

You deserve to do this for YOU. You deserve to be healthy and feel good about yourself no matter what the scale says. I'm praying for you and cheering you on!

PS Awesome you have such a supportive hubby in your life. said...

congrats kristi!!!!!!!!!!! Im proud of you.Iknow its been hard for you.Keep up the good work.Just keep thinking you are even closer to meeting your personal goals to be healthier no matter what the scale says,Basically what mamak said i just read her commentagain and im like im just saying the same thing. congrats on what you have accomplished i know what that means for you.(-:

Andrea said...

Awesome! I'm dealing with my weight struggle right now, too (and don't you dare say I don't need to lose weight, read= I've gained 30 pounds since I met Chris, 'nuff said). Anyhow, I wish you the best, and I hope we both meet our goals!

teakettle said...

awesome! keep it up...cheering ya on too!