Monday, February 18, 2008

If she jumped off a bridge..

Yeah I probably would too.
So Mama K was saying how great the whole Raw Foods Detox Diet was, so of course I had to jump on the bandwagon and drag my loving husband with me. :)
We spent a particularly disturbing amount of money on produce (I'm addicted to Whole Foods Produce, or as Mama K calls is Whole Paycheck), dusted off our Jack Lalaine Power Juicer and went to town. We had some warm ups on Sat and Sunday, we juiced both days in the morning and did salads for lunch with snacks of nuts, fruit, Lara Bars but we decided that we needed something to detox from. So we went to Melting Pot and filled ourselves with alcohol, cheese and chocolate and figured that would be a good jumping off point. Today was our first serious day on it and I juiced before I left the house and Schmoop is bringing salad up to my work for a romantic lunch together. I do notice that I feel better in the mornings the juice really does energize you. The only problemm is the amount of waking up that needs to be done to get to the juice. Schmoop was on schedule to play guitar at church so we needed to leave the house around 6:45 yesterday so I got up and went downstairs to start the juicer and forgot a vital part of the equation, my juicer has a pulp bucket. If you don't put it on I found out that the pulp just shoots out the back of the machine. Yes, I was on the second lemon when I figured that gem of knowledge out.

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mama k said...

Hey at least I'm not influencing you to do bad stuff like go to Tom Jones concerts and drink too many Long Island Iced teas. ;)