Friday, November 12, 2010

Most used infant products-the first month

So I thought it might be useful or interesting to hear my most used baby items so far.

1. My Moby Wrap- I have LOVED this. The bug adores being in it and will snuggle right up. I love having him so close to me and rarely if we're out do we use the stroller. Its just been easier to use the Moby.

2. The My Brest Friend Pillow. I love this pillow and love how secure it is. Those first few weeks of nursing can be tough so anything you can get to make it easier do it. This was one of my favorite things that I had.

3. My Kleen Kanteen- The hubs makes sure that this is always filled and I don't think I would drink anything in those first weeks unless it was right there for me. I love these and bring them EVERYWHERE.

4. Zippy Pajamas-I loved not dealing with buttons or snaps in the middle of the night.

5. Sophie the Giraffe-This toy is so cute, I love it. The bug tracks it with his eyes and will bat it with his hands too :)

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