Monday, November 29, 2010


Just got our birth announcements and they cut off the first letter of his name, the b in born and the 7 in 7 lbs.. umm kinda important parts. I emailed the company that I ordered from, not my usual company. I'm reaaally hoping that they resolve it quickly as I have been seriously neglectful of the thank you cards for the gifts since he was born because I'm planning on sending them with our birth announcements. On another note our Christmas cards came so they will all get sent out together once I get the corrected birth announcements.
I'm going into the office tomorrow with the Bug to do some data entry. I'm having a little anxiety about it cause I'm scared how he will react. Say some prayers peeps the extra cash would be nice around Christmas :) I have the travel swing and his floor gym in the car, hopefully he'll take a good nap so I can get some time in.
Major pet peeve, when my baby smells like cigarettes. I HATE that he smells like that after relatives who smoke hold him. I really try to limit his time in the hands of smokers but man it makes me want to cry when my babies hair smells like that. I can't believe that I used to smoke considering my current reaction to that smell.

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Em said...

Praying for you, sweetie! It's so nice that you work at a place where you can take the little dude in with you:-)