Saturday, November 06, 2010

Big Day Out

So today the hubs went surf fishing with my brother while I had some friends over. When he got home he watched the Bug so I could get a nap, then we decided to rent a movie and get sushi. I decided to go get it myself to just get out of the house a bit by myself. Well I pick up the sushi and am driving down the road and pow... I get a flat.
Now its about 40 degrees and I was wearing flip flops with no jacket (big surprise for those who know me). Whomp whomp whomp not the big outing I was hoping for. I started changing the tire myself, cause thats right I can give birth and change a flat--I'm totally singing "I'm Every Woman" in my head. A nice guy came up and started helping then my father in law pulled up to help(the hubs called him to help me since he was at home with the baby) so we got it changed in no time. I got home and we watched Iron Man 2 (well I watched it while the hubs slept) and ate the sushi. All ended up well but I'm really hoping thats the end of our tire woes cause this is the 2nd tire in a week to blow. So yeah this really has no point but I REALLY WANT TO DO THIS NABLOPOMO

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Anna said...

i was suprised you even had shoes on.......