Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Great Great Great

Today Bug met his Great Great Great Aunt Ginny. It was sweet to see how much it meant to her to hold my little man, and it warmed my heart to see how he responded to her. She sat and rocked and sang to him and he ate it up.

This is something that is important, I think, to have your children visit the elderly. They can learn so much and they also can bring so much joy. It was amazing watching the eyes of my 93 year old great great aunt light up when she met my little man, and the way she watched me as I rocked and nursed him. You could tell it made her day.


Em said...

It is truly a blessing to have so many generations represented and exposure to your little dude. Not all little ones get to experience this...it's just precious.

Dirkey said...

I'm especially happy that my grandmother's aunt is still with us as neither Jason or I have any of our grandparents around.