Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Its beginning to look alot like Christmas Card time!

I used to be one of those people who bought Christmas cards and never sent them. I would write them all out and then come March I would throw them out, yeah that was a great use of my time and cash. Since I've been hitched though I've been so good with sending them out, patting myself on the back for that. We've used Shutterfly and we couldn't have been happier. We actually have used shutterfly for other things too, we even made a photo book as our wedding album and for albums for our parents.

This year is a little more exciting for us with our little Bug so we're so excited to send our Christmas cards out with a picture of our little man included. This year the Count Your Blessings card is definitely ringing true for us.

I also like the Good Blessings
Its one of my favorite verses and songs, I also love the artwork on the front.

I also like the simplicity of the Scarlet Script Frame and Vintage Merry Christmas.

I know this year we'll be looking into getting some other things from Shutterfly; both for us and for gifts. I would love a photo ornament to commemorate Bug's first Christmas and could see getting them for the grandparents as well. I know the grandparents would freak their freak over a wall calendar with 12 months of cuteness on it. I have been so happy with the quality and also the customer service in the past with Shutterfly and will be ordering with confidence this year.

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