Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hey Internet!

How are you doing?
I'm doing good, sorry I haven't been around much. I know, I know I don't call I don't write; but honestly I do care about you... I do. I thought about you often as I was climbing Mt. Clean Laundry that I had to put away, or while swimming through Lake Dirty Dishes that need to be cleaned (seriously I have a dishwasher how is it so hard). Once or twice I got lost in the Oh my gosh my car is a pit Forrest, but with the help of the hubs we have scaled these formidable foes and we are in the home stretches of digging ourselves out. How did keeping on top of things get so hard this summer, seems like I haven't been home all summer and I know for the most part thats pretty much true. Things are starting to settle themselves down and I should be home (for the most part) till October when we leave for Hawaii! We do have a few little side trips till then, a couple wedding weekends away but nothing that should force my house into the land of the lost again.
There is someone you simply must meet. He's invaded my heart and although the hubs wouldn't quite admit it I know he adores him too.
Meet John Cougar Melloncat or kitten-cat snugglepants as I like to call him.

Oh I know he is Soooo cute!

As you might remember the hubs has an allergy to "some" animals, its so weird! He was fine with our first cat but had a horrible allergy to the two kittens I brought home later; so we've been a cat free household for more than a year. We literally rubbed our new cat on his face before we brought him home to see if the hubs would be ok. He was fine and Cougar (named for his similarity in looks and swagger) is literally the best cat I've ever known. So yeah things are looking up in the Dirkey household as we can now see our floors again and now we have a good reason for keeping it that way.


Trace said...

Glad you surfaced from under Mount Washmore! Cute kitty!

mama k said...

He's a cutie!

Melody Strayer said...

See, the difference between you and me is that I just use Mt.(dirty) laundry as a place to set my bottom as I spend vast amounts of time on the internet...