Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend Update: Pt 1-Michael Phelps

This weekend was just fabulous. The hubs and I went up to Connecticut on Friday and ended up spending some time with out of town relatives. We then headed out to an Irish Pub for a birthday dinner with my brother and his wife. We had a good time listening to the "band", it was just two guys but they did alot of good covers. My favorite part of the evening was when Michael Phelps was swimming for what would be his 7th Olympic Gold. All the small rooms in the pubs emptied as everyone gathered in front of the TV to watch as the music got turned off and the sound was up as high as it would go. It was amazing to watch this boy, a boy that many would have labelled and dismissed living up to such an amazing potential. Its amazing to me how different we all are, how if you try to put everyone in the same box that there will always be those who don't fit and aren't able to do some of the things that others find so easy. However, if you allow people to show you what they are capable of they can astound you. Michael Phelps proved this to me as I sat in that little pub and watched this young man who was diagnosed with ADHD accomplish something that no one has ever done before. Simply amazing.
More to come tomorrow on the wedding. :)


Em said...

Right there with you Dirkey. The one thing more exciting than Michael winning the 7th was watching him with the 8th. Did you get to see that? What a nail biter..."B" and I were dancing on the edge of the couch, looking like idiots screaming at the TV!

mama k said...

Very cool. Many of the "disabilities" are labels we like to slap on people that don't fit in the box.