Thursday, August 21, 2008

Prayers Please

A good friend of mine, Frank, is going for a biopsy of his brain today. He is my friend Becky's father and I'm asking any and all prayers I can get for him. From what I hear he lost vision in his one eye yesterday and they ended up scanning his brain and finding a mass there. Frank and his wife Leslie started a ministry called Hope Alive to provide for the medical and spiritual needs of the people of Haiti. I have been down to their clinic twice, once to visit(while on a missions trip to another mission) and another time I spent about 5 weeks working there with their daughter Becky. I am amazed at how much they do; and at the level of accountability they have. Frank and Leslie cover all administrative costs themselves so that every penny donated meets a direct need in Haiti. I have tremendous respect and love for the two of them. If you could say some prayers today, I would appreciate them more than you know.
I'll update as soon as I know anything.


Em said...

Consider it done...will be praying continuously for this family.

mama k said...

oh no!

Prayers for his whole family.