Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Schmoop!

Its the hubs birthday, and we're heading out for a weekend of fun in Connecticut. My cousins wedding is tomorrow so we got a room for the weekend and we're gonna make it a mini-trip. We're thinking of heading to Mystic Seaport and checking that out and maybe heading into NYC cause the hubs wants and Irish pub to make him think he's in Dublin for his special day. We have a good amount of family coming in (my aunt from Hawaii and my uncle from Colorado) so it will be great to spend time with them and to see all the relatives we don't see too often.

So anyway, Happy Birthday to my wonderful Schmoop!
You are without a doubt the best person I've ever met. You're kindness, patience, compassion and love seem limitless. I can see that I am a better person when I'm with you. I am beyond thrilled that God has chosen you to be my partner through life and I look forward to many many years spent with you! The icing on the cake is you're so freaking fun to hang out with!
Love you with all of my heart!
Your Dirkey

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mama k said...

Happy Birthday J! K absolutely adores you and I'm so glad she found someone to keep her in line. hehe

Have fun this weekend.