Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dream Big

I learned something when I fell in love with the hubs. I learned that love and being in love was waaaay better than I ever expected. This taught me that I should dream big in other aspects of my life as well. I was reading a blog today about someone getting her dream home. So it got me thinking about what my dream house would look like.
My dream home would probably be a log cabin with a wrap around porch with rockers on it; I would love for it to have 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and a basement. I wouldn't necessarily want it to be too much bigger than the house I have now because I've learned from my house sitting ventures in my early twenties that more house just means more cleaning. Also I'm not into the McMansion look, its just too much to me.
I would want the inside of the house to be just a plain white with pine hardwood floors. I would love to have a pretty open floor plan with maybe some small rooms tucked here and there for privacy. I would want the kitchen to be open to everything and the biggest room in the house. I would LOVE a fireplace with a huge stone chimney and a hearth seat that goes all around it to be free standing between the kitchen and the living room. I would want a really good sized pantry to go alongside the kitchen.
As far as our bedrooms; I would want a master bedroom, a boys room, a girls room, and a guest/sewing room. The rooms don't need to be big just an average size, with the same floors as downstairs just with gorgeous rugs to inspire curling up with a good book on. I would love to have little windowed nooks that are tucked in here and there with some interesting antique chairs where you could sit and watch the rain and snow fall and the seasons change with some knitting or a good book.
In the master bedroom I would want a king size bed, a jacuzzi tub, and a small private porch. Just to make it its own little sanctuary.
Mostly I would like an interesting house, with windows of all shapes and sizes and colors (stained glass here and there would be amazing!). With little nooks and crany's that just wait to be explored. I remember a show I saw when I was little (I think it was webster) where he had secret passages in his house, I would TOTALLY want this.
The most important aspect of my dream home would be its view. I would want it to be completely surrounded by forrests and fields with no neighbors or roads visible from the house; I had this when I lived at the cabin and I LOVED it! Its so foreign to me to close the shades on our house, I like them wide open but I also like privacy in my own home. I would love to have a good amount of land that I could have a good size garden, a line to hang up my clothes, a big tree with a swing on it, and a pool to relax in after a hot summer day.
Outside I would want trees and shrubs that can be used as far of lands by the little princes and princesses that would inhabit our house. I would want weaping willows, shrub tunnels, little clearings in the woods where the sun shines down on you and trees that are just perfect for climbing. Mostly I just want a house that the hubs and I can start our family and then also grow old together.

Whats your dream?

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