Monday, June 02, 2008

Homemade Mayonnaise

So one of my recent ambitions was to make homemade mayonnaise as the stuff in the bottle looks nasty and I don't like having a jar of nasty in my fridge. Well it turns out the homemade stuff is also pretty nasty looking as I'm sure its hard to make a big mixture of oil and egg not nasty looking. So we're coming to the other reason I wanted to do homemade Mayo, I don't like mayo; honestly the stuff grosses me out. I figured that if I only made it when I really needed it, it would make it soo I wouldn't need to see the stuff that much.
Well I had about 13 eggs that were close to going bad so last night I decided I needed a big batch of egg salad. After "floating my eggs"(good eggs sink bad eggs float) to see if they were still good or not I boiled them and got to work on my mayo.
I did two batches last night because I don't read directions well. All it required was 2 eggs, a cup of oil, and a TBSP lemon juice or vinegar. If you add the ingredients all together in a blender it does not work. This, however, did work. If you mix one egg together with a fork then add 2 Tbsp's of that mixture to the blender with the yolk from the other egg then blend the two for a few minutes; then sprinkling lemon juice on top of this mixture. Once this is all blending good what I did was put a funnel on the top of my blender and SLOWLY poured the oil in (this slow part is the most important), it doesn't look right at first but when you get about halfway through it starts thickening up. Once you're here basically the sky is the limit and you can add alot of things to spruce up your mayo. I didn't go there cause it was late and I wanted to go to bed. Also I don't really want to make mayo something I like, especially after seeing the ingredients.
My egg salad is very simple; I just add eggs, mayo, a little mustard, curry, salt and pepper. No picture cause egg salad is not very photogenic, neither is Mayo.

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