Friday, June 13, 2008

Frugal Friday-Just Wait

Sometimes my best frugal finds have come from waiting. I have wanted a freezer for our house for over a year to help us stockpile and for general use. Right now we have a side by side fridge and the freezer section leaves a little to be desired. There have been many times in the year and a half we've had the house that we've had the cash and I was tempted to just buy one. I have browsed the aisles of Kmart, Sears, Lowes, Best Buy, and Home Depot drooling over their pristine clean white Frigidaires. Something stopped me every time I went to buy one, held me back from dropping my benjamins down to bring home an Electrolux of our very own. We kept on shoving and smooshing and creatively packing our freezer, precariously balancing our ice trays (broken ice machine) on leftovers. Then two weeks ago I saw an email on Freecycle offering one. In my haste to reply back to the woman I neglected to realize that I had another email showing that there was someone lined up for it already with backups already waiting. My heart sunk a little but oh well, it wasn't meant to be. The woman wrote me back though and said although that one was taken she did have another one that she had to empty out first but I could have that(I would just need to wait a couple of weeks). I was so excited!! That weekend the hubs and I went to a few yard sales and found.... go ahead guess... a freezer! This one was gorgeous and looked basically brand new for $40!!! Since we had one promised already to us we called up the hubs brother to see if his family could use it, as my sil was also looking for a deep freeze of her very own. They ended up buying that one and helping us bring ours home with their minivan. Ours wasn't in such pristine condition but with a little bleach and elbow grease it got some shine to it and dontcha know it freezes things just fine. God then choose this week to shine down on us and there were some kicking meat sales for Fathers Day, so our first week with a freezer we were able to start filling it with sales.
Its amazing what a little waiting will do!
What are you guys up to?
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I found out that Frugal Friday didn't start here-the original is at Biblical Womanhood, go check out the original!


mama k said...

score! I'm jealous. One of these days I'm going to get one too. Know what would be idea? 1 full fridge and a full freezer in the garage. The half/half things never seem to have quite enough room.

And it's true, things always go on sale or clearance eventually even if you don't get one for free. Never pay retail! :)

mama k said...

my thoughts on little boy clothes:

Razor Family Farms said...

I LOVE Freecycle! I've given things away on it but I've never picked anything up. So far, I've never been first on to respond on the good stuff!!! ;)

Congratulations on your finds (for you and your SIL). Too cool!


Michelle Smiles said...

I haven't checked out Freecycle yet.

We have a chest freezer (bought several years ago from Sam's Club for a good price). I was heart broken when we moved and had to empty it. I gave a lot of meat and meals to my SIL. It was in storage for a year and we have it back now but haven't plugged it in. I haven't found any meat sales or done enough cooking to justify the price of running it yet (not that it is an energy hog...we've just been able to make do with our freezer on the frig so far).