Friday, June 20, 2008

Frugal Friday-Bad Company Corrupts Good Character

A good frugal tip that has helped me tremendously is having good down to earth friends, my husband being the best of them. My husband and I are both tremendously frugal (cheap!). It really helps our relationship that we both don't like wasting money on things we don't need. He loves that I don't have the attention span for an afternoon at the mall. It has helped me greatly that just having him around makes me double think purchases, most of the time that extra time thinking makes me not purchase the impulse buys that sometimes kill the best planned budget. They say that thing most couples argue about is money but honestly (knocking on wood) this hasn't been a problem for us. We both sat down and made our budget together and work to staying on it together.
Most of my friends aren't in to the whole "keeping up with the Jone's thing"; when one of them get something they've wanted I'm honestly happy for them. Its interesting the choices you make and the things that are important to people; if you tried to keep up with all your friends it would be ridiculous. The hubs and I like travelling (on the cheap usually) and we do like having our electronic toys (but don't mind waiting up for them all night on black friday to get a good deal). Some of my friends like having new cars so they make their payments faithfully every month. Some people its the jewelry, some people its the clothes, some people its the house and the landscaping and some like going out to dinner all the time. The things that are important are different for most people and if you tried to keep up with everyone, you would run yourself ragged with work or run up your credit card bills.
Not saying that you should cut out all of your friends if they are competing with you in this area, just saying that maybe you should limit your time with them at the mall. Or just acknowledge in your mind that this doesn't have to be a competition, who cares what they have. Find the contentment in yourself so that you don't look to "beat" someone else at having the biggest, the best and the most expensive. Its so much easier to just live within your means and be happy for others who get the things that they wanted.
What are you guys up to?
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I found out that Frugal Friday didn't start here-the original is at Biblical Womanhood, go check out the original!


Dylan said...

One of the ways that I've learned to save money is by going to lots of different bargain-hunting sites. There's ALWAYS coupons or deals on basically anything I ever want to buy. is one of the sites I've had the most success on. Plus there's always lots of grocery coupons and free stuff there too.

Mom2fur said...

I think being on the same wavelength in all aspects of life is one key to a good marriage! My husband and I are also low-key and not frivilous. Our 'dates' are usually for breakfast at the diner, but we prefer to eat at home.
Our friends are like this, too. Give me a barbecue with hot dogs and hamburgers over a formal sit-down dinner in a restaurant, any day!

Trace said...

I hear you!

Razor Family Farms said...

I agree! I love that I have a great network of friends online and in person who share my values. I love learning from them!