Monday, September 08, 2008

Simple Living

I was very inspired a couple months ago reading Like Merchant Ships to simplify my wardrobe. Currently the hubs and I share one large dresser and the closet. We have it divided evenly, however, my side is constantly overflowing and threatening the rest of the bedroom. I went through last week and took out things in two piles; one was very gently used to be taken to a consignment shop and the other were things that have gotten a lot of love (mostly stained) to be taken to either a thrift store or homeless shelter. I went through everything and was very strict with myself. If it stayed in my closet I had to start including it in my rotation (which as of the whole summer has been 1 pair of green capri's, 1 pair of grey shorts and 1 pair of jean shorts). When I got through I had two very large lawn and leaf bags full of clothes that needed to leave our house. I did go out and buy a few nice shirts as I really didn't have much other than t-shirts in my closet.

The closet is now separated by color, style (tank, short sleeve and long sleeve). I have several sizes of clothes in the closet organized by size so when I undergrow the clothes I have now I can get rid of them (hopefully consignment shop) and just start on the ones waiting in the closet. When I get down to my ideal size my closet should look pretty minimalistic but even now its definitely 100 times better than it was. It does bring me peace to try and pick out clothes and I feel less slovenly since there is nothing I can pick out with a stain on it. It also will save us money because I can see exactly what I have and if I need anything instead of just trying to remember and hopefully I will spend less money!

Just with that completed I am inspired to try to do the same with the rest of the house to go through with a discerning eye and keep only what we will truly use. The hubs and I try very hard to be cautious with our spending habits to not buy too much clutter, but even so it does find a way to fill up our rooms.


Em said...

Great job, Dirkey! I am working at down-sizing my "stuff" too, in preparation for my move in March.

One practice I put in place many months ago when I found myself perpetually running out of room in my closet was that, when I buy a new item of clothing (or new pair of shoes), I must get rid of an old item. I typically choose something similar in attire so that I don't end up with all one thing (e.g. all T-shirts :).

It has really worked and I find that when I know I have to get rid of something, I only go out and buy something new when I have an old item of clothing that cannot be worn anymore.

mama k said...

You go! You should have taken some before/after pics. :)

I have done the same thing recently. It's liberating to go into my closet and have a selection of clothes that I like and can find easily. Sweet!

It's a little harder to tackle the clutter in the rest of the house. I have been trying very hard to let go of things I keep for "sentimental value"... such as knick-nacs people have given me. I figure if I've enjoyed it for a year, the gift served it's purpose and it's ok to let it go... to goodwill so it can bless someone else!

Meredith@MerchantShips said...

Neat! I recently revamped my closet, clearing out the too small (ahem) maternity clothes and lining up a few pieces for after the baby comes.

Having a small closet and wardrobe makes this task feel do-able, even for a procrastinator like me!