Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Interesting Article on BPA's

Click here to read. Article links plastic bottles to Diabetes and Heart Disease, two things that run in my family already! There are also some other scary things linked to it in the article.
This is why I always use my Klean Kanteen from Non Toxic Tots.
I recently renewed my dedication to not use plastic bottles its amazing that I don't generally get drinks while I'm out but I still accumulate a good amount of plastic bottles. I just have to remember to ALWAYS bring my Klean Kanteen!

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mama k said...

Yeah and our government just put out a statement saying BPA is safe for human consumption. Rock on.

Thanks for the plug though! Just an FYI for everyone, BPA is usually in hard, clear plastics. #7,#3 and #5 are the ones to avoid. I try to steer clear of other plastics too, but it's pretty unavoidable that you will run into some.