Thursday, September 04, 2008

General Rambling

So I'm still here, there are a few things running around in my brain.
One of them is this store the clothes look so neat and she will make them according to your measurements. Serious clothes ogling going on by me.
The second thing running around in my brain is all the interest in Sarah Palin's daughter, seriously she's not running for VP. It is so annoying that any time in this election is taken to disect this poor 17 year old girl. I have heard so much about this that honestly I have no idea what her stance is on most issues. Well, I do know she's a babywearing mama so thats a positive anyway.
The third thing is the commercials for high fructose corn syrup. Seriously?!?! With a nation that struggles so much with obesity and its related problems why would anyone actually push the use of high fructose corn syrup.
All three of these things really deserve their own post so well thats something you can look forward too! In other news I had another birth I attended on Saturday as a doula, it was just beautiful! I'm such a sap I wonder if I will cry every time I act as a Doula because thats the trend so far.


Trace said...

I don't know... She's anti-abortion, but like everyone else doesn't seem to offer a way to give incentives for choosing adoption instead. I guess her young uneducated daughter will struggle to raise the baby because other than financially she certainly won't be in a position to assist. (stepping off soapbox)

Happyplace. said...

Cry away!! What's more beautiful than the birth of a baby? (I originally typed 'what's more beautiful than birth', then thought better of it!!) You know what I mean!