Thursday, January 03, 2008

Birds of a Feather

So to all my readers its no big surprise that Mama K and I are best friends. We both have alot of similar interests and kind of urge each other on in craftiness and in general life. Both of us have been really into organic living and reducing our use of chemicals both for our own good and the good of the environment.
So Mama K keyed me in yesterday to Square Foot Gardening, which I looked into on their website and looks awesome. I talked to schmoop about it today and he is completely on board. So we have some things to do before we can attain this.
We have to
remove our dog run (no we don't have dogs thus the removal).
start composting-going out to buy a bucket today for the kitchen (with a Christmas return)
build boxes-that will come later.
Decide what we want to grow.

The other thing is green cleaning, now you know I'm all about my vinegar and baking soda cleaning :). Well Down-To-Earth has been sharing her tips on green cleaning and I'm going to take her challenge and start in on my house as well. She is really an inspiration with her simple living techniques, I am very interested in starting to become more simple in our consumption and our use.
Its a little hard to do this while working full time but its worth the investment.

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mama k said...

Yeah, I do have to remind myself that she is retired and her kids are grown and out of the house. Unless I want to spend all of nap time cleaning, I generally have to streamline things for the daily stuff.
Gives me some inspiration though!