Monday, January 28, 2008


So this weekend I was thinking of why I do this blog. There are a few reasons, to keep some far away family updated on whats going on in dirty jerzey, to have a type of creative outlet to write and post pictures and basically have a place that I can just vent and find like-minded people. Anyway this weekend I realize that I'm kind of neglecting my blog; I really don't take any time thinking of what I'm going to write or try to say anything that anyone is really interested in. I'm kind of kicking around in my head what I want to do about it and I'm not sure. I don't want to stop blogging but I really don't want to keep doing it just because its what I've done for the past two years. I do like having this type of diary that tells me what my life is like and shows me some changes that I've made. When I started this blog I was a single girl living in a scary log cabin in the middle of the woods working for a Huge mortage corporation that I hated. Now I'm married(to a man I met at that huge mortgage company), living in suburbanville in a house that we bought (funded by my old company) working for the company of my dreams (definitely not anything to do with mortgages).
So I think I'm going to take this week and see if I want to take this another direction or just keep going with little snip bits of my life.
Stay tuned...

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Tracers said...

It's ok to shift a little. I started out w/the adoption discussion goal and now we're trying fertility stuff. I actually considered stopping the blog and totally focusing on DI, but for some reason I didn't. I tend to do the snippet thing too. You could talk about your doula training more (which is pretty cool).

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