Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Stockpiling to save money

Since we recently purchased a home alot of my reading has to do with frugality and homemaking on the cheap. By nature I'm a cheap ass frugal woman so the change has been pretty seamless; there have however been some speedbumps. A topic on some of my favorite frugal blogs; Down to earth, Frugal Hacks and Like Merchant Ships lately has been stockpiling. I'm no stranger to this since my mother is the queen of having a freezer full of freezer-burnt, unedible food stockpiling. I am, however, new to thinking this is a good idea (you would be too if you had the mystery desserts from my mom's where she doesn't know what year the dessert was from). I hoard stockpile naturally; but I have a problem with rotating my stockpile and also stockpiling ridiculous things. For instance right now my pantry has 3 lbs of Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Powder. Do I really have a need for 3lbs of Cocoa Powder, not really. How long will it take me to go through this? Probably about 4 months. So was it such a great idea to buy so much of it? Probably not. Also in my freezer I have about 5 bags of frozen green beens and in the fridge I have 3 bags of celery.
My problem in stockpiling is similar to my problem in blogging and a side affect of one of my personality traits, Spontaneity. I'm too freaking spontaneous for my own good. Sure its a great trait to have some times; if you want to take a road trip to see the Worlds Largest Ball of Twine or need some help moving our of your apartment in NYC at three in the morning; I'm your girl. Its not such a good trait to have with every day tasks, like grocery shopping. I'll go shopping without a list and just pick things I think I'll need or see a sale on something and go crazy with it.
So here's my goal for the week, and if you're up to it I encourage you to join me in it. My goal is not to throw away any of my fresh produce and to plan to use my stockpile in my general meal plans.

Today I used some veggie stock I had in the freezer, added some rice, fresh and frozen veggies and made a hearty stew. I used stuff I had in my stockpile to make some ridiculously good biscuits (the first ones I've ever home made!). I even have extra to give to a good friend going through a difficult time, some for me and Schmoop for lunch and also some to freeze for another night.
Any thoughts on stockpiling? Are there others like me or are you all masters of keeping your pantry in perfect proportions?


mama k said...

ok, so you figured it out! Now you have to tell me. :)

As far as stockpiling goes... I stock up for awhile, then I destash and use it up and then I start stocking again. So um, I don't think that is really how you are supposed to have a stock pile.

mama k said...

PS Homemade biscuits are the freakin bomb! I can't belive you've never made them before?!
I bet they would freeze really well too.