Monday, January 07, 2008

Everything's Falling into Place

So this week has gone good.
I've been sticking to my WW. Saturday I made an appointment for a massage (my boss gave me a gift certificate for one) while I was out I got my nails done and my hair cut. I was desperate for the last two. As far as the manicure, I made up a bunch of goals for WW and for every 4 weeks I get a manicure, every 8 a mani-pedi, etc. I was soo excited to be on point for four weeks and get my treat! As far as my hair, the last hair cut I got was in July where I got annoyed at my hair and had my friend from work hack off 12 inches. Needless to say the hair was in sorry shape. The hair lady was like 60 and I showed her what I wanted and she goes "I got you baby", then proceeds to do something completely different with my hair, grrr I hate when they do that!! I guess thats what you get for an $11 haircut, maybe I should find a salon.
When I got home from my treat day I found that my husband had vacuumed the whole downstairs, he is AWESOME!! We went out to see Juno on Sat and that was so good, Schmoop was going to go out after to play hockey but one of his friends invited us over to play Rock Band and it was sooo fun. They had drums, vocals, guitar and bass and you had to play along with the song; we freaked over it so much so we wanted to buy a system we could play it on and buy the game (would cost us like $500!!!!). Yes, we're nerds. I think we finally decided to buy the Wii instead.
I've been deep cleaning the house, slowly but surely. Saturday the bathroom got done, I went nuts with it. Doing it with the instructions from Down to Earth. Started working on our kitchen last night.
As far as my Doula stuff, I attended my first birth on Saturday night. It was so amazing!! I was really happy to be there for the woman, it was actually the first time I met her but she didn't have anyone with her so my friend Meggie and I went. I was soo happy Meggie went with me, she has been to a few more than I have and has a sweet demeanor. The woman ended up having a little baby girl after about 10 hours of labor. I thought it was amazing, its crazy how God made our bodies to do that just such a miracle! I also watched the epidural shot go in and holy heck that thing is huge!!! They jab that sucker in far too, the guy doing it looked at me and was like if you are the slightest bit squeamish you need to walk away. I thought it was interesting and something that people should see before they decide they want one just so you know what it is. I'm really excited to have my first out of the way and to start building up a kit and more tools to help women through this time.
Anyway its been a good week :).


Trace said...

We've been mulling over getting a Wii. I am anti-game systems, because I don't like the idea of zoning out in front of the TV w/out interacting w/the world. Plus, I don't like the violence and the sex. Anyway, w/the Wii the games are interactive. My parents are getting one at the vacation house so we're going to try it out on their dime.

The birth sounds very interesting and definitely for the hardy.

mama k said...

yay for sticking to WW for a whole month! I think they say it takes 21 days to make something a habit, so hopefully it will only get easier from here on out.

So cool about the birth. I think you have found your "calling" :)

meggie said...

Congratulations doula dirkey! You were a natural and I'm glad I could be there with you. The mamas you help are lucky women.