Sunday, April 30, 2006

What the world needs now is camping sweet camping

I'm always amazed at how nice people are when you are camping. Its like something in the air just makes people want to share and be kind. We got in to Front Royal about 6 on Friday and realized we didn't have firewood. The guys next to us were nice enough to let us have some of theirs (we ended up buying it from them, but they would have shared I know it..) Well because of their kind generosity my schmoop got his first taste of smores on his first night of camping. We had an awesome time, nights were FREEZING but I should have allowed for that oops... Sat we found an auction in the little town we were camping in.(WATERLICK, VA- I LOVE THAT NAME) It was pretty funny and Jason's first auction (it was soo sweet that it was a hick auction too!!) We were nudging each other and saying things like "wow that guy only has two teeth" and "how much do you think the stuffed otter will go for??", yes it was THAT GOOD OF A TIME!! Then we went out to get fishing licenses and realized that it would cost us about 60 bucks to try to catch fish for the afternoon.. Apparently you need like 15 stamps on your license for where we were. I felt like I needed a victims abuse hotline because "the man" was totally sticking it too me.
Well we didn't end up fishing we just went on a hike it was sweet. Ok tired of writing gonna play around while I wait for schmoop to get out of the shower. More to come later when I upload pics.. Here's a teaser, I have a photo essay of my car ride to DC, I know hold onto your seats kids the fun never ends with DIRKEY!!!!

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