Tuesday, April 18, 2006

This just in!

Tom and Katie had their baby..........
Its a girl..
weird i was just reading on my fugs (look in my links) yesterday that people were speculating that Ms. Holmes was wearing a fake belly pillow. That she needed to have the baby already so the weird rumors would stop!
Well they had the baby and i just can't help feeling bad for Katie. Not that i was a huge Dawsons Creek fan, see below pic of tv there is NO RECEPTION. But she used to seem perky and cute. The kind of girl that you would gossip with during gym class volley ball in high school. Now she just seems like she is taking sleeping pills, all the time, while she's pregnant.
Hopefully having the baby will kick start her brain into working again and she will see how creepy she and Tom have become. What is this with the hollywood creepy couples of late brittney/kevin, katie/tom; better question why do i care?? :)

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