Thursday, April 27, 2006

here kitty kitty

Ok so for months there has been some animal living underneath my house, digging holes, here is one of them...

I think its a skunk cause sometimes i'll go into my house and it will smell like a skunk.. Yes detective Dirkey on the case.. :) Anyway, i got into a whole fixing up the yard thing when the weather got nice and put big rocks in the holes and covered them over with potting soil. I know, i know its not the best idea I've ever had but whatever. A few days later the holes are back and bigger than ever!! Its been driving me nuts so i finally asked my dad if we could try to trap it. We havent figured out what we will do if we actually trap a skunk right outside my house but... thats a post for another day (that day being when i have a skunk trapped in my yard)

So last night i'm sitting talking to Schmoop on the phone and i hear the trap go off. I got all excited inside, like its Christmas morning, to figure out what i trapped (yes i know I'm a hick) Well i shine the flashlight on the trap from my window, cause i'm scared to go outside at night (If you saw my house you would understand, think Blair Witch). Well I caught a cat!! A CAT! It definitely is not what was living under my house but still a catch.
All i kept thinking was the part of Meet the Parents where Gregg talkes about milking cats. I laughed so hard cause i live on a farm, and now i'm trapping cats, so logically that is the next step. Um well then i let the cat go, no milking involved... so good story huh.... :)

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