Thursday, April 13, 2006


Who the son of a crap has a website and actually updates it.. oh yeah all those other people i read every day... OOOPS!!! I've been told that i'm the worst type of geek because i described having a good day as working then getting off an hour early and babysitting.. But hey if thats who i am someone who gets happy by the small things in life.. so be it.. PHOOEY on all you people who have to have something meaningful happen in order to enjoy your day. thats right i said phhoey what the heck are you going to do about it..
ha ha i'm over Jason's brother, Josh's house, i told Jason on the way over that his brother was going to ask me my intentions with his brother.. I was totally right, he just asked me. These are the times i should bet not the other times, its a good thing i bet fake money with Jason, cause i think i owe him thousands of fake dollars by now. In other news i almost took my ear off with one of those canapies that you buy for your patio. I totally took that mo fo back to bed bath and beyond, i won't be having my lawn furniture disrespect me like that.
Peace out..


mama k said...

What's this? An updated blog? : )
So sorry to hear about your furniture attack. That must have been truamatizing. (I know I spelled that wrong.) Anywho, have a happy Easter! Did you get my card yet? It's a good one.

Dirkey said...

gold lame elvis, happy Easter to me!!! that is quite possibly my favorite card ever!!!