Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Vacation Posts are almost done!

Can you believe it, i've been home for over a month and i'm still updating with pics.. Well today boys and girls i'm going to transport you to a lovely little town called Frieburg. Our first taste of Frieburg was walking around trying to find our hostel (Black Forrest-super cheap super fun), my first thought of the place was that there were ALOT of cobblestones.. I mean a ton, you know why i realized this because i had a rolly carry-on. (well not my original one-my original one broke in Paris and i bought one that i spotted from the metro in paris-it had crazy off road wheels SWEET!) If your ever going to go backpacking in Europe or anywhere for that instance DO NOT, i repeat DO NOT BRING A ROLLY CARRY ON because contrary to what you may thing IT IS NOT EASIER!!!!! All that jostling made it so i had a hard time moving my hand for ohh about a month. The other thing you should know is that you don't need everything you packed, so take out 50% of it, if you take out too much you can always buy what you need.
Ok back to Frieburg, well we got to our Hostel the same time as Chris did (this was so great because we weren't sure how easy it was going to be to meet up with him!) We spent a good three days in that gorgeous town, there is something in the air that makes you want to be German and live there. You can picture yourself working as a busboy or in that Turkish coffee shop, riding your bike around after work to go to the awesome thrift store that had Leiderhosen! (SERIOUSLY!!!)
While we were there we went on a hike up to the top of the hill/mountain.. it was on this road that Renee gave Chris the finger. I don't know anyone who's ever thought of giving Chris the finger (and in Renee's defense she swears she gave the situation the finger-how do you give a situation the finger??) Anyways we were hiking straight uphill for about 45 min and Chris kind of turns around and laughs and says he thinks we took the roundabout way up the hill. Meanwhile we are all struggling behind wheazing because we work in offices and are not even in the same stratosphere of in-shapeness of Chris. Renee's eyes glaze over and she just pops the Bird to sweet innocent Chris, i almost peed my pants. By the way it was on this hike that Renee's nickname of Malibu Barbie got coined by my sweetie..
Anyway here is a pic from the top of the mountain overlooking Frieburg a gorgeous town i hope to go again!
ok pics to follow i hate dial up

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