Monday, April 17, 2006

silly surveys

i love these stupid things as all my friends and family can attest too...
top 5 must-haves (for the moment):

in my fridge:

1. chicken-started defrosting a week ago (will be thrown out tonight-what a waster)
2. yummie hummus
3. chicken sausage
4. cheese-(I like cheese)
5. strawberries

in my closet

1. a plethora of old navy
2. skirts
3. bridesmaid dresses (like 30 of them)
4. board games
5. Flip flops

in my purse:

1. check book
2. empty wallet
3. lip gloss
4. receipts from random things I’ve bought in the last five years
5. keys

in my car:

1. purse
2. screwtape letters
3. trash
4. mail
5. cd’s

on my TiVo (um I still have an antenna, I’m planning on getting dish network sometime, maybe I’ll be cool then and know some current shows.....):
Shows I like

1. The office
2. American Idol
3. Nip/Tuck (the only reason I want dish network)
4. 24 (haven’t watched this season)
5. Don't really watch a 5th show, maybe friends?


mama k said...

Hey there's my card! Haha. I like the pictures. Nice touch to the meme. I'm off to crochet me some fish now... said...

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