Tuesday, December 27, 2005

In the Navy.....

tough girl Kaitlin, she totally looks like she can kick my butt in this pic. Especially in her new 150 dollar boots (that look soo hot with her pajama pants.)

Shhh internet or 3 people who look at my blog, its a secret. Kaitlin is joining the navy, Kaitlin is my 19 yr old niece who is more like a sister too me. Its been amazing watching Kaitlin grow up and being a part of her life. Seems like only yesterday i went to her t ball games and watched her chase butterflies in the outfield or fix her hair. She's always been a funny kid especially when she used to cry when my mom did her hair and she was upset cause she looked like a helicopter. I love that she never pretended to want to do sports and that she was the best to go shopping with. I'm ashamed of the time i told her her real name was Kaitlin Peterson and that her real parents were coming to get her. She was 4 and still remembers it, I scarred the girl for life and she still loves me. What more can you ask for in a niece. But most importantly i've enjoyed watching her grow into a woman, and just a gorgeous person over all. I admire her for who she is and how hard she works to get what she wants. Now she's joining the navy and i feel nothing but pride and love for my little Kaitgin Herndon. I'm gonna have to get some tshirts and start caring about the Army-Navy game! Go NAVY!! I love you Kaitlin!

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