Thursday, January 05, 2006

goings and goings and goings

So i finally took down the Christmas tree seeing that i haven't watered it in the past 3 weeks i thought it would be the responsible thing to do. Its still on the stand in the front yard, i wanted to put it next to my bedroom window that way it would be like i had trees right out my window. Which would be nice. I'm in the midst of cleaning my house, its gotten pretty bad lately so its gong to be a week long project i think.. We shall see.
Last night i brought in an dresser that Marlena gave me forever ago and stored it in my living room to put all my yarn in. I'm going to rearrange the heck out of the living room tonight i think. Its been the same for two years that is entirely too long.
All in all the holidays and new years were spectacular, i think my best ever. :)
here is a pic from new years of me and my boyfriend Jason.. yeah i know we're cute..

ps where did my eyes go?!?! it looks like i have slits

Anyways everthing is pretty busy here, getting ready to chaperone the youth retreat and anchor myself to my desk, i can't wait for my upcoming trip (paris, switzerland and germany). I literally probably spend 1/2 my day looking up stuff for the trip on the internet and the other half talking to Jason and Kaiya. I'm totally getting a raise soon, i'm such a necessary team player.


mama k said...

Woohoo! I can comment now. (Yeah, I have no life.) Anyway, I was going to say that you do make a cute couple. awww! And were you drinking? Maybe that is where your eyes went. Or maybe you were sooo happy that your smile took over your face and was crowding out your eyes. I think it was the last one.

Red Head Mommy said...

Hi K-Sis,
I hope you know what a joy you are in my "brother's" life. OK I think you are awesome too! I have learned more from you in the couple of months that we have spent together than in the entire time I spent in college. Although, the only thing I learned in college was how to kiss Jason's brother!
You are welcome to spend the night with us any time you want to..face it you have your own room.
See you soon and have fun when "We all go to France!"