Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Who knew!??!

Hmm so do yall remember a guy named Clay Aiken from American Idol. The ultimate Cindarella story from that show, nerdy guy turned into some amazing teen (for lack of a better word) idol.
Well Sunday i'm in church and one of the lady's gives me and Lisa (one of the coolest girls in the youth group) 6 tickets to Clay Aikens Christmas show. Of course i bring some of my girls from the youth group being the incredible youth leader i am ;)
Well little did i know it would be a lesson in how freaking old i am.. One of the girls started literally crying for joy when we told her.. It made me so happy to bring her that it meant so much to her, but i was amazed that Clay Aiken could have that affect on someone. Well anyway we get to the show and there are soo many women who are in LOVE with Clay Aiken. This was a little disconcerting that there were grown women who were obsessed with him.. Hee hee to think someone might be writing these same things about Tom Jones (HOW DARE YOU IF YOU ARE, YOU HAVE NOT BEEN TOUCHED BY THE MAGIC OF TOM!!!!)I was a little upset because you could totally tell he thought he was hot stuff, i was like come on, seriously, have you looked at yourself... YOU ARE THE SAME PERSON GET OVER YOURSELF!!!
I was very proud of my girls though because instead of stuck on himself Aiken they were smitten with the piano playing hottie openning act, William so and so...
See camera phone pics above and below.. :P


mama k said...

Where are the pics? They won't show up for me.

Dirkey said...

fixed them..

Shaina Williams said...

OH MY GOSH!!! hahah I remember crying... and for the record I have both of WIlliam's albums and I listened to him today actually. Go figure:)