Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Miss Olivia

A few years ago one of my friends got a cat, and when i say cat i use that term loosely what i really mean is demon spawn that meow's. When i would see my friend there would be horrible cuts all over her hands and it looked like she was mutilating herself. I would ask her and she would say how Oliver and she were playing... I thought she was nuts, and on more than one occasion i told her to get rid of this kitty. Well things changed and i moved into a small house in the woods by myself and wanted an animal. I figured the best thing to get was a cat cause i could ignore it and leave for days and it would be ok as long as i left some food or water. I got this tiny little kitten and my friend came over to see her that night. I was torn on a name and we joked that i should name my cat Olivia. Well dumb me i name my cat Miss Olivia. My kitty soon turned into the most demented crazy kittens that i've ever seen. On more than one occasion i've gone to work with scars on my hands from my precious little kitty. She even decided that she had an inherent dislike to a whole family of my friends, they Byrds. Whenever any of the Byrd's would come over she would let out the most unearthly noises. Tonight i was thinking of when i used to tell my friend to get rid of her kitten and i realized that she could never because she felt the same about her Oliver that i do about my Miss Olivia. And i started praying that i have really good kids cause it would be soo much harder to get rid of your kids than your cat.

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