Friday, December 09, 2005

snow days

So today i woke up got dressed left and started driving to work, it took me forty minutes to go 3 miles so i turned around and drove to my parents house. I called work and let them know i wasn't coming in and i spent a wonderful morning hanging out with my my mom and dad. They are alot of fun when you don't live with them! I walked in and my dad came down and made waffles for us and then my dad and i played chinese checkers. Which he promptly decided was not his favorite game because i beat him twice. Today is a good day, i miss the snow days of school and sitting around and doing whatever i want. I spent the healthier part of the morning playing games with my dad and reading. Its been gorgeous!!!

Can't help but think of the time i had a snow day when i was younger and went sledding with Tamara and her family. There are huge sand hills down the road from my house so we would always go sledding there, they were soo steep that you wouldn't even need snow to go sledding. We used to go all the time in the summer time, we would have to hide from the people who worked there because it was a rock quarry and we were trespassing. Well this time there was a ton of ice and i scream down the hill on my little sled. Well i'm going maybe like 300 mph and there is about 15 ft of flat ground before there is another little hill. I'm going entirely too fast so i take off of that little hill and what do you know there is a ditch behind it. My sled flys away from me and i'm soaring like 10 ft in the air spread eagle. I slam face down in the ditch beyond amazingly i didn't even get hurt. Thats just one of the times i almost died with Tamara! :)
Actually, i think snow days as an adult are better than those when you're a kid!! I'm kinda up for sledding right now though..

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