Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas time is here..

Right now i'm sitting in the middle of my living room, which is filled with wrapping paper, presents and plastic bags. I'm thinking i went a little overboard with my buying this year, suprise suprise.... I have a stocking filled with stuff for my freaking cat (ok so maybe thats to distract her from mauling my hands....)
but I think i'm finally done my shopping (i still want to get Mason a little gift to give him on Christmas Eve.) The next few days are going to be spent wrapping, cooking, carolling (at Drea's) and with family. All ending with my favorite Christmas Eve service, there is nothing better than that candlelight mass. My best memories in life are of Christmas Eve with my family as a kid. We would go to my grandmoms church in Island Heights after spending the night at my gram's where Santa would come on the firetruck. I think its just so beautiful being in a church with just candles lit. i love the ambiance of it, there is something so reverent about singing and praying in candlelight, I can't wait this is the best time of year!!!!

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