Sunday, June 10, 2007

This Weekend

So, this weekend I was without internet for over one day. Holy cow! I'm going to just give you some tidbits of amazingness that I will expand upon shortly.
1. Melting Pot-soo good soo good soo good
2. Courtyard Marriot-Center City-nice
3. Cuba Libre-Mohito, need I say more
4. Reading Terminal Market
5. Seaside Heights take 1- I caught a shoplifter at my sisters store
6. Seaside Heights take 2- Gunshots as we are walking around?!?!?!
7. Pirate Mason
8. Broken Car-again
9. Amazing Husbands mad skills
10. Minivan-megafun

So really there are stories to go along with all of these that I promise I will update. I have pictures for most except the Seaside Heights ones. Stay tuned faithful readers.

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mama k said...

Melting Pot and Cuba Libre? I'm jealous.