Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fathers Day

Today is Father's Day, reflecting on today I realize that I have received a tremendous gift in life. I have a father that I love, and that I can respect. I have alot of friends who love thier fathers but not too many who truly respect them and can look up to him as I can mine.
My dad is probably one of the silliest people I've ever met. I remember growing up being aggrivated that I couldn't stay mad at him, every time I tried he would make me laugh and all the anger would just melt away. One of my favorite things to do with my dad is to take a walk with him. My dad is a big walker, at almost every gathering there is at least one walk involved. These walks are spent just talking and being silly but its where my dad has told me some of his best stories, crazy things he did when he was young or just telling me about something he's been reading lately or about some piece of family history. My dad is probably the smartest person I've ever met, he can do anything, I know standard Daddy's girl statement but in his case its true. He can fix anything you put in front of him, build whatever you could dream up and generally it "turns out better than he thought it would". There are times when we have disagreed, not many though and those times have torn me apart inside. The one thing I know is that he does what he can for all of us, he's had six kids and he's been and continues to be a great dad because he tries hard to be one and thats way more than I could have ever asked for. He's extremely honest and does what is right and what is needed. He's set an amazing example in that area to all of us, an example that he lived out when my grandmother was ill and bedridden. He took care of her and her house better than anyone else ever could have, and when she did pass he worked hard to make sure that everything was done fairly to everyone. All this to say that my daddy is my hero and I'm really really really grateful that I grew up his daughter.
I always knew growing up that I wanted to find a husband like my dad, and even early on I can see that Schmoop is alot like him. It makes me happy to know that my husband has some of the attributes of such a great man.

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