Thursday, June 14, 2007


So Saturday we headed over to Reading Terminal Market, on the way over my camera died. I seriously thought I would cry, the place was begging to have its picture taken. Rows and rows of fresh fruit, veggies, meat, cheese, flowers, etc. Its an amazing place I already told Schmoop that I want to bring him but since he didn't get to go I picked him up some hot horseradish cheddar cheese.

From there we went to the Liberty Center but didn't really do too much there, then did lunch at Hard Rock.
After we left Philly I had to scoot down the shore to help my sister with her boardwalk store. She was going to a party and needed someone to keep an eye on the store. I was determined to catch a shoplifter while I was there, my sister seriously has a security system that no other on the boardwalk can rival. I imagine she's on par with some small banks. So anyway in walks a couple and thier small child, the dad stays up in the front of the store and I'm keeping an eye on him. Well the lady walks to the back and one of the girls from the store goes back to keep an eye on her, the lady asks for the dressing room key. While our girl walks away to get the key, the woman hides behind a pillar and shoves a shirt in her purse. Well our girl comes up and tells me so I don't feel like waiting for them to leave the store to call the cops and go through all that. I walked up to her and asked her what was in her purse, she automatically takes it out and is like "I was going to pay for that, I was going to pay for that!!!". I did good was super firm and was like "Get out of our store! We don't want your money we want you to go!" Finally they left, it was so fun. My brother told me that they could have been prosecuted for just putting it in thier purse, oh well!
Later we were walking on the boardwalk and a thousand cops came and swarmed the boardwalk. There was a huge crowd of people and we weren't allowed to move at all. We found out there was an armed robbery and the cops shot the suspect. Crazy Day last Sat!
I'm trying to update from last weekend before this weekend!!!

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Trace said...

I work about 2 blocks away from Liberty. Reading Terminal Market is fun...and what FOOD!!

What beach area does your sister have a store in? (although there are only a certain amount w/a boardwalk, LOL)

One summer while in college one of my best friends and I stayed in her grandmothers house in Wildwood Crest. We had the BEST time and worked in a restaurant as ice cream sundae makers. Ah, good times...