Friday, June 01, 2007

Clumsy, handle with care

So yesterday I'm on the phone with kitten mom and I hear a "crash".
I go to investigate and my tart burner (such a weird name) is on the ground. I decide to do the thrifty thing and super glue the sucker back together. I piece it back together then take it apart and start glueing and unknowingly get some glue on my fingers. Well right then my nose starts itching, and I rub my nose; do you see where this is going? Yeah I superglued my hand to my nose, it hurt. Well I pry my hand off of my nose just in time to dribble a bunch of glue down my leg onto the carpet, yeah I glued my foot to the carpet. Well I went to put my hand on the couch to stand up and unpry my foot from the carpet and glued my hand to the couch. I finally get myself unglued from my nose, the carpet and the couch and go to look at my poor nose in the mirror. Well I have a mirror wedged between my dry sink and the wall waiting on the bathroom to get a new paint job, I rather ungracefully lowered myself to the floor and in the process bent my fingernail on my thumb back to the point of bleeding. After this I called Schmoop and sat still until he got home to avoid any further injury.
I question the validity of the below test.

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mama k said...

oh ouchs. Be gentle your the only you we have!