Monday, June 11, 2007

Friday Night

So Friday night we went out to celebrate my friend Anne's 40th birthday. We went out to the meltingpot for dinner, it is by far my favorite restaurant. We went with the owners wife so we got some amazing perks, like having 3 burners on our table. Three burners that were first filled with 3 different types of cheeses, then with 3 different cooking styles for the main dish, then 3 different chocolate fondues. Holy cow it was so good, seriously 3 different types of cheese do you really need anything else!!

view of Denine and Anne across the table.

From there we went to our hotel, the Courtyard Marriot in Center City. We had a room overlooking City Hall, it was a gorgeous room with a flat screen tv and some of the softest pillows in the world!

most amazing to me was the view though, here is a picture of Anne and June checking out City Hall and Ben Franklin. This is probably one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken.

We headed out to Cuba Libre but missed the dancing. We ordered up a round of Mohitoey goodness though!! Then being the old ladies we are went back to the soft pillows and called it a night!!

all pictures taken by Dirkey on 6/9/07
stay tuned more to come!

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Trace said...

I LOVE The Melting Pot!!! We always laugh because the salad that comes w/the meal would be considered a really good salad at any other restaurant, but at the Melting Pot it pales in comparison to everything else.

Cuba Libre is fun too! Did you hit any of the hot spots in old city? Old City and Northern Liberties seem to be the happening spots in CC.