Thursday, June 21, 2007


About 4-5 years ago my appendix ruptured while I was in the emergency waiting room. Because of this I was in the hospital for 2 weeks, and was pumped full of antibiotics and pain meds. Once I got home I noticed that something was different, I was slowly losing my hair. I've always had nice, thick, full hair and it was getting thinner and thinner. I was scared to wash my hair, scared to brush it. It broke my heart to watch my once full thick head of hair fall out. I remember being so self conscious touching my sparse, coarse, brittle hair and spilling so many tears over the loss of my "best" feature. I really felt like that was the only thing that set me apart from people. Now my hair has since returned to its normal texture after about a year of thinking it was curly and its really long.
I haven't thought to much about this until I started reading Heather's blog. Heather was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and it going through chemotherapy and radiation. While I don't know how it feels to have cancer,  I do know how it feels to lose my hair and its something that I can at least do something about. So I will be donating 10 inches of my hair toLocks of Love in honor of Heather.
I know now that I am worth more than some pretty hair and losing it does not define me. I am a wife, a friend, a sister, daughter; I choose how I will be defined. My actions, my faith, my heart and my words define me. For all of you struggling through cancer and hair loss, I'm pulling for you and I wish I could do more.
I will post before and after pictures up here when I'm able to have it cut (hopefully today or tomorrow).


Aimee said...

You are such a beautiful person! I'm so happy to read that you are donating your hair! What a sweet gesture to those who need it!

"J" (aka MamaJ) said...

God Bless YOU Dirkey! And many prayers for Heather!