Wednesday, August 02, 2006

WW week 12

So I weighed in yesterday because Mama K and I went out to dinner at the Melting Pot (incredible fondue restaurant!) last night. I budgeted all my food for the day just having a large salad for lunch and used most of my weeklies there. We skipped dessert cause we were stuffed. I was pretty proud of myself, I told them right of the bat to bring out more veggies with the cheese and with the regular dinner and we finished all of them!
There was a ton of bread left over, I don't think that has been the case the last few times I went. So really most of my points were just cheese. Granted it was alot of cheese but I really hadn't had too many calories/fat all day. So it should all work out!
Also I'm going to Hoboken to see my beautiful nieces tonight then going to NYC with Tamara, Laura and Jen tomorrow till Friday! Busy few days but it should be an incredible time! We'll see how I manage to stay on point with eating out all meals but I'm planning on it!

Ok ok so this week I lost 1.5 lbs, for a total of 21 lbs. I'm pretty happy with that, I'm staying within healthy ranges of weight loss and I really see a change in the way I'm eating.
I'm currently reading a book Miserly Moms by Jonni McCoy which talks about saving money (one of Mama K's finds, she's the queen of saving money and researching!) It is really interesting when it talks about ratios of food, your body needs mostly veggies and a little bit of protein. Our culture tends to go overboard in the other direction. I've noticed recently if I take a recipe and add tons more veggies than they call for, the taste is better and the points value lower per serving. Generally I see that most recipes call for outrageous amts of sauces that are to be sopped up with breads, rices, pasta's. What if we use veggies to steal the flavors of those sauces and bring our fiber and nutrient count up and the calorie/fat count down. I know this is not revolutionary but its interesting to me that even cookbooks cater to a protein/carb full lifestyle now and we wonder why we are overweight.


Anonymous said...

O so when you picked up the boys from the airport...You looked awesome!! And your pretty awesome so it all works out! I love you!-Lisa

Anonymous said...

Amazing picuture. It is the first on that looks like you. Inside and out. you are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah last comment was from your future sister in law...renee