Monday, August 14, 2006

31 things I love about you!

Schmoops birthday is tomorrow, as I'm writing this he's settling down to bed tonight getting ready to fly out tomorrow morning for business. The wonderful, handsome Schmoop has to go away on business on his birthday, really early in the morning. Hopefully he wakes up early enough in the morning to see this. Happy Birthday baby!
31. I love the way you smell
30. Looking in your eyes
29. Being in your arms
28. When you tell me stories
27. Waking up to your texts
26. When you pull up on Friday nights
25. Your eyes
24. Running my fingers through your hair
23. the way you tease me
22. that you like to eat anything
21. your kisses
20. your sillyness
19. how much you love your family
18. how much Gracie and Mason love you (I'm sure Ryan will too)
17. your smile
16. your honesty
15. your heart after God
14. your love of music
13. your compassion
12. when you "hold me"
11. driving with you
10. planning with you
9. that you humor me
8. your strive to be a better person
7. your desire to serve God in missions some how
6. your youthful soul
5. that i trust you with my whole heart
4. your nerdiness (I really do love it, you Star Wars watching hottie!)
3.That you are the answer to all my prayers
2. The way you love me
1. That you are the man of my dreams, the most wonderful man in the whole world. I am the most blessed girl ever to call you my schmoop.

I love and miss you, 2 more days till schmoop day! All my heart and love forever,
your ski, spy, pirate..... dirkey

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