Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Girls weekend! NYC!

Ok so I got to Manhattan and got the phone call that my girls are stuck on the Garden State Parkway. I started waisting time in Manhattan, the Path let me off right at the Manhattan Mall and Old Navy. A few hours later I got a phone call and they were picking up Irish J. So I started window shopping waiting about 20 min before I start to catch the subway to meet them in Astoria. I get off the subway and walk to L-Bear's apt and get a message that they are in traffic. OH crap!! Well they ended up getting there shortly after I did no biggie.
Only problem is we have tickets to Counting Crows at 6 and its now 7:30; but we were determined. We got there just in time for Counting Crows to go on! We spent the whole concert watching the girls in front of us, they were hysterical! Very into the concert, and very bad dancers. After the concert over to Mike's Diner and to the Bar but no return of the mysterious drinking monster the Tamaranamal. I think he only comes out with Tom Jones.

Dirkey and Tamaranamal (my other BFF)

Laura bear

Irish Jen

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